Two white alpacas grazing in the field at Winchester Creek Farm

Farm Policies + COVID

All Farm Tours are by Reserved Appointment only. Reservations can be booked via advance ticket purchases made through the online Book A Tour section here on our website.

Your tour will be a 45-minute educational tour where you’ll have the opportunity to walk the farm and learn about and meet some of our animals who make up the Winchester Creek Farm Farmily.

Our animals are very sweet and love people, but please note that we are not a petting zoo and we do not enter our animals living areas (pastures, stalls, shelters) with our guests. We let the animals have that space to themselves and let them choose if they want to interact with our guests or not. You will have the chance to meet several of our animals up close and have photo opportunities.

We do have a public restroom on the farm and places to sit under our covered pavilion during part of the tour. Please plan for the weather and bring an umbrella or rain coat if rain is in the forecast, as part of the tour is out in the open.

You’ll have the option to purchase extra special treats (fruits, vegetables, animal cookies, etc) if you wish to feed the animals during the ticket booking process. The animals not only love the attention and interaction, but they also love the extra treats. We ask that these treats are purchased in advance with your tickets so that we can prepare them fresh prior to your arrival.

Absolutely no tobacco products, vaping products, chewing gum, outside treats for animals, or helium balloons are allowed on the farm. This is required in order to ensure the protection of our animals.

Please leave your pets at home as our animals would see them as predators. Hot cars are definitely not a safe place for pets to wait for you while you’re on a tour.